Dearly, My Bestfriend

To my best friend,

Either we are going to leave 2016 or 2016 is going to leave us behind. It took me a long time to realize that 2016 is a sweet year but it doesn’t take me a long time to write this post after all. I probably need to write a letter to my best friend, kind of post.

I’ve been thinking about how I spent my days. Self-discovery can get ugly even confusing sometimes. It’s hard. It’s difficult to confront with self when I made mistakes. And I messed up. This is not comfortable either. We all know after we spend so much in cultivating many relationships—chill and hang out together—yet a true friend is hard to find. It’s about finding out own personal version of happiness that really works. About becoming a person you have always wanted to be, rather than the person you were always told to be, and that is beautiful. All are not worth to be spending alone. There you are, someone I can lean on.

We’ve been through the ups and downs of life together. We share the stories and scars that we had each other and end up crying or laughing out loud together. I ain’t a good storyteller so you need an extra effort to understand and put it in a sequential order. But for myself, I am best at laughing and listening people. I drowned in the story yet giving out the advice and the “shoulds”.

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one."

—C.S. Lewis

I hope you drink a good coffee, have a midnight movie, have a long chat, and stay out late with someone who enlivens you. I hope someone who always understand your Spongebob mood and want to hold your hand and take care of you when you’re sick. I hope someone that able to change your perspective of a man. I hope you are reminded every single day why you’re special. And you truly realize just how lucky you are to be alive and healthy. May your prayers are being heard by Allah Ta’ala. 2016, so far is a sweet year. Thank you for being my best, for understanding me, for leaning your shoulder, for sharing same thoughts, for laughing and crying about things, and everything. I’m sorry for every mistakes I made and ended up hurting you. I’m the selfish one after all. But most of all, I hope it becomes the year you leapt—the year we started living and chasing dreams.

How we listen and sing along to the same favorite songs, happy or sad songs. Which are most of them representing our feeling to be exact. You recommend me many new songs that I’ve never heard before and automatically love them. But you don’t like my kind of music taste—it’s okay.

We do everything right or wrong moves. We yell at shit things. We are debating about food we should eat or places we need to go. No need a further explanation of how friendship work. 

By 2017 and another next year also the future, I hope you see things that take your breath away, things that make you feel like you have never felt before. I hope you travel to the places you have always wanted to explore and the night sky is always beautiful wherever you rest your head.

I hope you fall so deeply in love with your life that your happiness is undeniable. Somehow you need to learn to appreciate and may you have your whole chest expand with gratitude. I hope you believe that you’re a good person who deserves beautiful things and rich moments in life, that you mean something to someone. I hope someone that able to change your perspective of a future.

Huge hug and love,


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