I Have That 20 Somethings Kinda Syndrome

After the teenage years spent over the lack of freedom with living under my parents’ roof then I finally have my own independence. At 18, I decided to move out of town and it’s super big deal for me. Then I feel super happy with this temporary kinda freedom. Now what? I have to clean my dorm (not just my bedroom), feed myself (because I am super lazy to cook my own meals), get my laundry done, buy living supplies monthly, pay those bills, and etc.

And top of that, you could be stuck in the situation to adapt to the new city, environment, and the slightly hard of making new friends. Ugh. But, thank God, I live in the supportive and positive environment full of positive people too.

I talk over with Manda, we were chattering over lots of things over hours—girl things uhuh. As 20 young classy single ladies, we both feel empty in something about love. Kinda that way. We already predicted it as before we hit 20, but the truth is we can not really repel it. 

So, Let’s Be Honest What It Is About

If you’ve hit 20, you have entered what might shape up to be the most tumultuous, ambiguous decade you’ve yet to experience. And things only seem to get more confusing/anxiety-inducing with time. My 20s are a weird time.

But if I check out my cool friends’ perfectly filtered Instagram feeds or amazing job or relationship goals ‘thing’. And that's when I start feeling left out and abnormal. 

And even the most optimistic girl can’t out shine her broken parts.

—Lauren Jarvis-Gibson

Rediscover The Joy in Life

More than that, as a human being, I experience suffering, confusion, remorse, insecure, unsure, conflicted people I could ever hope to meet and loneliness over my lifetime. But the good news, it’s normal. Everyone feels lonely and empty sometimes—after a break up with a friend or lover, when moving out to a new place, or else. I’m not that desperate because time will heal. It won’t magically occur overnight but by days or by weeks.

Friends are Vitamins

Make it a resolution to go on the ride of life and never look back or sideways. Stop chasing the things which are the norm for 20-somethings. Define own definition of happiness or happy life. For me, it’s enough to get out of my own way of doing things in my favor and that are actually meaningful to pursue my life goals at once. At the same time, I’m needing my friends to help me survive the life, to stay motivate me when I fall apart mentally and even physically, to meet the varied challenges of life along together.

That happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light. Lumos! (Harry Potter's spell reference).

x Dayu


  1. I wish I was still in my 20s, I am 32 now

  2. saya juga masih 20an umurnya, masih bingung mikirin masa depan nih -_-

  3. Leaving home takes lots of courage but the reward is incredible, especially the independence you gain =o)


  4. saya sudah mencapai umur 20an dan masih belum terencana


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