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The Anxiety Tells Me Otherwise

People had ever been being in the lowest rock of life. This week for me has been one of the toughest ever. Aside from Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms which bring the roller coaster of emotions and can be wild sometimes. It causes the uncontrollable mood swings, from quiescent, oversensitive, crying, angry outbursts, depressed and anxiety attacks—feels awful, intense, and frightening—then back to a stable emotional state—all in one day, out of my control.

I've had a really rough past couple of these days, what makes me feel like in the bottom rock of life is that I am very paranoid about losing my friends. I'm in my 20s, If you get me, I don't have many, but only have a few best friends. I'm a very emotional person. I'm not quite sure where the line draws between normal human emotions and when it gets irrational. Despite a natural habit of being an introvert—overthinking. I spent my night reflected on myself and seeking for the best advices. Thanks Allah for s…

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