A Letter to Mr. Spaceman

Dear Mr. Spaceman,

I hope this letter will find you and find you well. Because I don’t know the address well, so I just gave it to the mockingbird that passed through the window. “Listen to the voice of the earth and you’ll find a way to him,” I said to the mockingbird as if we understood each other.

This is not a love letter, but how much I thank you.

For the longest time, I’ve never felt this alive for once more. I don’t fall in love that easily, but if you’re ever curious about the very first reason I like you is, your glasses. And oh, your v sign or peace sign every your photos taken. The rest of the reasons is your heart. I barely know you. I probably counted the numbers of the possibilities of meeting you, even the slightest ones when you even didn’t recognize me. But you just came and gave me such a happiness touch. It seems hyperbole, but that was also something I couldn’t describe to myself as well.

I know you don’t let yourself to feel the same as I do. I even thanked for the manner, about how you treat me good.

So I won’t tell ya about how you actually did make the butterflies in my stomach dance when you’re calling out my name. About how you made my heart stop beating for a while when you’re showing your smile at me. Then you knew the feeling of mine as my friend told. The peculiar mixed feelings of happy, embarrassed, twitchy, and all I can have is my face’s turning red when I met you or I even tried to keep you off away. About anything, I’m sure of you to know.

And you made me really really really happy when you agreed as I asked you out that time. For the first and also the last time, as a farewell. When you take me to a toast joint—your favorite one—and we had a dinner there. Although you were not in a mood. We talked about matters that I couldn’t enough control myself to have a decent conversation like I always do is much mumbling on curiosity. But not with you, I was tight-lipped. But, I was happy. Thanks to you, of course, you made me really happy and couldn’t stop smiling and I finally was able to sleep tightly. Also, in the following morning was so beautiful, I thought. “Good morning, sunshine!” is my very first-morning verse as I woke up. But I don’t want to sound so cheesy though, so you can skip this part.

At least, on the day you left I have less worry. I really hope that we can meet again some sunny day huh. But I don’t think so. I do wish you are fine and healthy there and everything is warm and nice and you eat good foods, have fresh drinks and ice creams. I recommend you to have a strawberry one which is my favorite!

Thank you for letting me feel so excited about life this past year, about things that matters. I wish you all the good luck for anything exciting that awaits you and all regards I’ve wished you before. Thank you for that brief moment you gave me and the aftertaste even though you have left. May we still keep in casual touch. It was sweet and nice.

Huge hug and warm regard,

*disclaimer: this writting is inspired by Naela Ali from her first chapter on Stories For Rainy Days*


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