New Domain Everybody!


I'm super fine! I purchased a domain and upgrade my blog into .com and I'm too excited over days for this.

Basically, I can't say my blog is new because I have started it for quite long since I was in senior high school, about 3 years. But I also can't call myself a pro blogger ever since. Yet today, my blog is a lack of so many things. I never really feeling pleased once of my blog, especially the appearances and if you have followed my blogs for the past years you might know how many times did I maintained it. I know it doesn't right because blogging is not all about appearances and all, but the consistency and quality for growing the blogs. Since I have visited sooooooo many blogs which are perfectly good. Perfect aesthetic and flawless photography and lovely writing and thousands of followers and tons of feedbacks and all. I do feel jealous of them. Why can't mine grow like the others?

Anyways, I think I need to post this in order to how I've started a step ahead into my blog goals.

Back to the old and my favorite blogger theme: Cocktail from Sora Templates. I got the free version one because a problem that I don't have a credit card. As the bank's policy, I should least of all waiting my next 21st birthday next year. Ok,

Why I love this theme so much?

It's white, simple, responsive--yet aesthetic. Nothing more to say. So perhaps, next time I'll purchase a new inexpensive theme on Etsy--remember I should do some saving to buy a thing or two I've dreamed since forever, Olympus Camera--whom I've been strolling around and found some which catch my attention.

And finally, I purchased a domain. It's such a pleasure for me although I'm not really a good blogger even I'm a lazy blogger because I don't write often. But, I just feeling pleased when my blog has its own domain because it will look professional. Which is a positive way to motivate self to write more and wish to be professional.

I don't really think I could be famous because just I have a blog. I write because it is a way to express a left unsaid soul. Where I could share my odd thoughts that maybe people don't really excited to hear about, and all.

So, because I don't even have a credit card to purchase a domain in such a GoDaddy, I do locally in Indonesia haha. So there's DewawebA cloud hosting service based in Indonesia. Dewaweb itself in English means God of Web. I finally pick Dewaweb over other Indonesian cloud hosting service because it is affordable, easy and quick. Also, I consider it has a good rating over these reviews.

Review Dewaweb

I also don't need a credit card for this tho. When I had troubles or questions I contacted their support team email and they responded really quick and it's helping me a lot! I have screenshot their email responses in Bahasa Indonesia and I have more talks.

I just want to share my first domain experience with them who help me a lot. I just can't stop being happy because of this.

Happy blogging and have a great day everyone!

x Dayu


  1. Congratulations on taking the next step with your blog and purchasing a domain! Your blog is so lovely, you don't have to worry about how it compares to others =o)

    1. thank you for your sweet words darl :)x


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