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You Don't Need To Be Muslim, You Just Need To Be Human

The news about al-Aqsa has been spreading around all over the media over weeks. Started with the Israeli police shot Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, imam of al-Aqsa after Friday prayer. They’re attempted dismissed the worshippers by force and occupied the site, leaving many seriously injured until the Israeli-led restrictions on Muslim Palestinians to pray at al-Aqsa mosque. Of course as a Muslim, myself is against it. It is a terror and against the human right. It is not even the fresh new issue that Israel is spreading threats and terrors in their attempt to seize control of the territories of Palestine, yet I’m truly furious. As the first Muslims’ qiblah, we are surely can’t remain silent because al-Aqsa is dearer than our lives.
I think this is my time to speak up here. I stand for my religion yet I speak on behalf of humanity.
At least six Palestinian protesters were killed in the daily clashes and hundreds were injured in confrontations with Israeli forces, especially women and children. T…

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